Once upon a time there was a new mom named Lauren who worked full-time. When she had a rare day off or wanted to do something fun indoors on the weekends with her children, her options were limited. There were place to go but they were too far, you had to be a member, or you had to be enrolled in their classes. She couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a fun + safe place to go at her leisure with her daughter… and if she could get a good cup of coffee while she was there, that would be great too.

Long story short, Lauren decided to stop complaining about it and start making it happen. Her mom Jane caught wind of her plans and wanted in. Jane also yearned for a place to hang out with her friends and their grandkids. And Jane saw what an asset a business like this would be to the community.

So, after many months of putting together a business plan, consulting with financial experts, searching for the perfect place, designing, building and dreaming… we present, The Play Café.


Our philosophy is simple: Children need to play. Play is vital to children’s social development and emotional maturity. Play enables children to practice communication skills, experience others’ points of view, respond to feelings and experiment with roleplaying. We support the need for play and we are committed to providing a safe and fun place for children ages 0-5 years to play with others.